Upping the Customer Experience via the Metaverse


No matter what industry your business operates within, in the end, one way or another, success is about customer service. Namely, offering customers a quality product coupled with great, responsive service.

Thank about what sticks with you – either a terrible customer service experience, or a fantastic, beyond-your-expectations interaction. Obviously, we should all be seeking that high-value experience for consumers.

As for customer service and the metaverse, Mark Purdy has served up some valuable tips in a Harvard Business Review article titled “Building a Great Customer Experience in the Metaverse.”

Purdy focuses on how the metaverse can reboot or reinvent the consumer experience. That’s heady stuff, but what’s particularly valuable about this relatively short piece are the examples offered. Consider:

Beyond Crusing: “For Celebrity Cruises, a cruise line based in Miami, Florida and part of the Royal Caribbean Group, the metaverse has offered a way to re-engage with prospective passengers following the devastating impact of the pandemic on the travel industry. It has launched Celebrity Beyond, the first virtual cruise ship in the metaverse. Potential passengers can take a 360-degree tour of the ocean liner before sailing, enjoy a stroll around the ship’s centerpiece Grand Plaza, or relax in the Rooftop Garden or Sunset Bar. Passengers can talk with AI-powered avatars of the ship’s captain and its designers, to learn more about the ship’s design and range of services.”

Virtual Test Drive: “The Fiat Metaverse Store puts the customer in the driver’s seat of a virtual version of its new 500 La Prima by Bocelli model, with customers able to explore driving and infotainment features, personalize the car set up, and take it for a virtual test drive on La Pista 500, a test track coiling along the rooftop garden of the historic Lingotto building in Turin.”

Fast Casual Cooking: “Chipotle Mexican Grill, a global restaurant chain based in California, is using its Chipotle Burrito Builder on Roblox to give customers an interactive burrito-making experience. Customers can grill, season, and mix a virtual guajillo steak using the grill simulator, and earn credits for real food.”

These examples, and others along with assorted insights from the article’s author, make it more tangible, if you will, as to how the metaverse can possibly be applied to all kinds of businesses. These are the takeaways for entrepreneurs and their staff to learn from and build upon in their own companies.

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