“Mixing Up Midlife” in the Metaverse


Strap on your VR headsets and meet us in the Metaverse. Karen Kerrigan, President and CEO of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council and the Founder and “Chief Avatar” of the Metaverse Business Alliance breaks down the metaverse in this discussion. This episode was eye opening for Terri & Melissa. It’s potential for small businesses, entrepreneurs and for everyday people is something that we’re more than curious about.

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Karen covered:

● The definition of the metaverse and her vision of what it will become, along with its potential.

● Where we are in terms of the emergence of the metaverse. She notes: “We are in the early stages of the metaverse right now, as the use and deployment of immersive technologies are creating the foundation for interconnected immersive platforms – or, a more unified metaverse.”

● The opportunities for all. She said: “The opportunity is limitless for creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses and that is why we launched the Metaverse Business Alliance.”

Listen in!