McNuggets in the Metaverse and Small Business Opportunity


Chicken McNuggets in the metaverse? Yes!

The Hong Kong branch of the McDonald’s Corporation has launched “McNuggets Land” in the metaverse, according to a Forkast report. It’s built on the online gaming platform The Sandbox.

This undertaking by McDonald’s offers a few lessons for small businesses to keep in mind as to when and why they might dive into the metaverse.

Use an opportunity to mark an important date or anniversary for your company or product.

McDonald’s launched “McNuggets Land” to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Chicken McNugget.

Engage your customers.

How can you get your customers, and future customers, interested and engaged? As noted in the report: “The McDonald’s Hong Kong metaverse allows Sandbox users to play mini-games in a McNuggets-themed virtual space. Players earn rewards including SAND tokens — the native cryptocurrency of the Sandbox ecosystem — and in-game accessories for the completion of quests and other McNugget-themed activities.”

Offer customers benefits, such as real savings.

Playing in McDonald’s “McNuggets Land” allows people to earn real-world McDonald’s coupons as they complete quests in “McNuggets Land.” Coupons and discounts on your products are great enticements for current and new customers. Of course, each company has to know their product and customers well enough to know what kind of metaverse engagement will work best. And, no, a “McNuggets Land” scenario might not be best for you. But McDonald’s launching “McNuggets Land” should get small business owners thinking about how new technology – AI and the metaverse – can work for engaging, retaining and attracting customers, and driving higher sales.