The Future of Work and the Metaverse Workplace


Advancements in digital, computer and telecommunications technologies enabled entrepreneurs and employees to be more productive and more mobile in their day-to-day endeavors. Then the pandemic hit, and those working mobile, specifically, from home, suddenly expanded.

Now, post-pandemic, while we’ve seen a return to the office for many, completely going back to the way things were is not the reality. Mobile work, to varying degrees, is here to stay.

Given that reality, I can’t help but wonder what the Metaverse has in store for daily work. It seems that the “virtual office” in the Metaverse will expand and present new opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses and employees.

A recent piece – “The Future of Work: 5 Benefits of A Virtual Office in the Metaverse” – at touched on this, and a few points from this article are worth pondering.

Humans are quite resilient and can quickly adapt. The author, Jordan French, provides an important reminder of just how resilient and versatile humans are: “[M]any corporations and even small businesses shifted to a work-at-home model that included virtual video meetings, emails, duty lists, phone calls, and much more. This change showed how quickly human beings can adapt their ideas and behaviors regarding work and the workplace.”

Freedom and flexibility. Metaverse workplaces mean greater flexibility for workers, and most tend to appreciate that: “Virtual Metaverse office spaces usually allow for greater flexibility in meeting demands and put more power in the hands of the worker as to when to get work done.”

Resources used more efficiently. It might seem obvious, but it bears repeating – virtual offices mean dollars saved on office space. “Buying office furniture, telecommunication devices, internet connectivity, tech support professionals, office plants, break room coffee, and clocks on the wall takes a big budget. With a virtual workspace in the Metaverse, everything is focused on the technology and the people who use it to get work done. The physical workspace becomes the home of an employee, and that’s already fully furnished by them.”

An expanded labor pool. The universe of potential employees and contractors expands globally with the Metaverse. “With virtual workspaces, you can hire anyone from virtually anywhere. This means you’ve got the power to say no to candidates who don’t perfectly match what you’re looking for in a worker. Imagine having a whole world of talent at your fingertips.”

As the Metaverse develops, there’s time to test how the Metaverse virtual office would work, and to see if it fits right with your business and employees. The question, though, doesn’t seem to be “whether or not” but more “when” and “to what extent.” Indeed, as the Metaverse develops so will opportunities, and those include how entrepreneurs and their employees work.