The Metaverse is Opening Entrepreneurial Opportunities

When it comes to transformative moments in industries, the creation of entirely new industries, or technological advancements within or across sectors, two things can pretty much be counted on. First, one or more entrepreneurs have driven such change. Second, other entrepreneurs will discover new opportunities resulting from such developments. When looking at the metaverse, and […]

Metaverse on the Menu?

I’m fascinated with thoughts, advice and discussions about the metaverse and how it can or might help small businesses across industries. So, I had to click into an article titled “Should restaurants enter the metaverse?” at Good question, I thought. What might be the benefits? And what about costs in an industry with notoriously tight […]

AI, the Metaverse Changing Consumer Expectations: Basic Principles for Entrepreneurs to Keep in Mind

Consumer expectations continue to develop, particularly in terms of more immersive, smooth and engaging digital experiences. These changes are driven and answered by technological advancements, including in such areas as artificial intelligence and the metaverse. A new analysis by McKinsey and Company points to the power of such developments for retail and consumer-focused businesses. Based […]

Entrepreneurship and the Metaverse

The metaverse holds enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs. But how so? What about a framework for considering and thinking about the metaverse and entrepreneurship? A study titled “Metaverse-enabled entrepreneurship” by Jörg Weking, Kevin C. Desouza, Erwin Fielt, and Marek Kowalkiewicz – all from Queensland University of Technology in Australia (with Weking also affiliated with Technical University […]

The Metaverse is “Already Here”

Like many other people, small business owners are trying to figure out what the metaverse is; what it might look like down the road; and therefore, how will it impact their businesses. Bain and Company just released a report – titled “Taking the Hyperbole Out of the Metaverse” – that might help provide some clarity. […]

Emerging Tech: Metaverse, AI and the Future of the Construction Industry

Metaverse Business Alliance partner Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) presents: Date: Tuesday, Aug. 22 Time: 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT) Length: 60 minutes Speakers:    Paul Doherty, President and CEO, TDG Moderator:    Patrick Scarpati, Director of Construction Technology and Innovation, ABC Emerging tech and solutions like digital twins, the metaverse, AI and blockchain […]

McNuggets in the Metaverse and Small Business Opportunity

Chicken McNuggets in the metaverse? Yes! The Hong Kong branch of the McDonald’s Corporation has launched “McNuggets Land” in the metaverse, according to a Forkast report. It’s built on the online gaming platform The Sandbox. This undertaking by McDonald’s offers a few lessons for small businesses to keep in mind as to when and why […]

Easing Customer Discomfort with AI and the Metaverse

Buying a Car and the Lesson for Small Business Owners Most people have experiences as consumers that they simply don’t like. Nonetheless, they often have to deal with anyway. From the business perspective, improving customer service often means easing the discomfort or reducing pain points for customers. As the voice said to Ray in Field […]

Banking in the Metaverse

To state the obvious, banking is important to small business. After all, bank lending is vital to the growth and operations of many small businesses. For good measure, banking very much is a small business sector. Consider that 69.8 percent of employer firms in commercial banking, according to the latest Census Bureau data (2020), have […]

Where Are Your Customers? A Lesson from Motown and the Metaverse

Entrepreneurs and businesses of all types and sizes should be keeping an eye on how the metaverse develops, and that includes how other enterprises are viewing opportunities via the metaverse. Motown in the Metaverse Consider the June 20 announcement by Motown Records (owned by Capitol Music Group (CMG)) that it’s entering into a metaverse partnership […]