Metaverse Helping Businesses Leap Forward on Strategy

On the business front, the metaverse often isn’t about entirely new undertakings, but instead it turns out to be about taking current efforts and leaping them forward in terms of efficiency and productivity. That can include on the strategy front. A recent report from Arthur D. Little – “Stimulating Strategy: The Real Potential of the […]

Breaking Down Barriers to Education in the Metaverse

One area where the potentials of the metaverse are perhaps most clearly spoken of, envisioned and experienced is education. It seems like a natural fit to have an educational experience in an immersive metaverse environment. Just a few days ago, an educational institution – Northland College – in Saskatchewan, Canada, announced the launching on its […]

SURVEY: Entrepreneurs Are Excited About the Metaverse

Entrepreneurs seek out opportunities by which they can better serve their customers and advance their businesses. That is evident in the results from a new survey of small business owners from SBE Council. Consider results regarding immersive technologies – such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) – or the metaverse. First, while metaverse […]

How are the Technology, Media and Telcom Sectors Thinking About the Metaverse?

KPMG recently released the findings of a survey conducted by Forrester of technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) executives. While the survey covered executives at large companies, there’s a great deal to unpack in this report for small businesses. Following are a few findings that small businesses should ponder. • In the report’s introduction, KPMG’s Mark […]

The Future of Work and the Metaverse Workplace

Advancements in digital, computer and telecommunications technologies enabled entrepreneurs and employees to be more productive and more mobile in their day-to-day endeavors. Then the pandemic hit, and those working mobile, specifically, from home, suddenly expanded. Now, post-pandemic, while we’ve seen a return to the office for many, completely going back to the way things were […]

Metaverse Insights for Startups recently ran an interesting piece (“How startup founders looking for funding should approach the metaverse” by Jay T. Ripton) that focused on startups and the metaverse. While the entire piece warrants reading, there are some key takeaways. A recent Citibank analysis estimated that the emerging metaverse market could be worth between $8 trillion and […]

Emerging Opportunities in the Metaverse

The details of the metaverse are still very much coming into focus, but the investments being made are real and significant. Entrepreneurs and small businesses need to watch for developing and expanding opportunities. The building blocks and foundation of the metaverse are here with immersive technologies being utilized across industries, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs as […]