Metaverse Business Alliance

A collaborative partnership of organizations sharing knowledge and intelligence about the use, potential, and convergence of Web3 technologies.

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Karen Kerrigan

Looking back, it has been a great ride launching and running a business organization thru the modern technological revolution. SBE Council launched in 1993, and I still marvel at all the work we cranked out without the benefit of advanced technological or digital tools. How we adopted and changed during the growth and maturation of the internet has been profound – as it has been for millions of entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide. It promises to get more exciting in a Web3 world.


The Metaverse Business Alliance

The Metaverse Business Alliance works to educate the public, policy leaders, lawmakers and the business community about the use and potential of immersive technologies and their connectivity to advance opportunity across economic and societal sectors.

The next generation of digital tools and experiences is accelerating access to institutions, resources, knowledge and markets. The Metaverse Business Alliance is engaging stakeholders to educate key constituencies about how these technologies are being used, and how they could be deployed and developed to spark innovative solutions that improve lives.

The Metaverse Business Alliance is a project of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.

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Education Center

The use of immersive technologies is having a positive impact on education, training, marketing, health care, fitness, shopping, employee collaboration, innovation, new business creation and much more. Early-industry adopters, investors, creators, and entrepreneurs are investing billions of dollars into the metaverse’s development, and its value could reach $5 trillion by 2030. As the foundation for the metaverse is being built – just as the internet developed in its early stages – entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations would be wise to stay informed about new developments, trends, consumer acceptance and adoption.


Metaverse Helping Businesses Leap Forward on Strategy

Metaverse Helping Businesses Leap Forward on Strategy

On the business front, the metaverse often isn’t about entirely new undertakings, but instead it turns out to be about taking current efforts and leaping them forward in terms of efficiency and productivity. That can include on the strategy front.

Breaking Down Barriers to Education in the Metaverse

Breaking Down Barriers to Education in the Metaverse

One area where the potentials of the metaverse are perhaps most clearly spoken of, envisioned and experienced is education. It seems like a natural fit to have an educational experience in an immersive metaverse environment. Just a few days ago,

What Do Small Business Owners Think About AI and Government’s Role?

What Do Small Business Owners Think About AI and Government’s Role?

Government Must Strike a Balance Between AI Regulation and Fostering Innovation to Strengthen U.S. Leadership FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Washington, D.C. – During its nearly 30-year history, the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) has logged frontline experience observing how technological